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MSDM-900 is a whole new design of full function power demand controller suitable for power system with single or dual circuits.  With maximum 12 sets of relay output for load control, MSDM-900 also equips with unique functions such as serial communication, printer interface and analog signal output.











Up to 12 sets of relay output for controlling the removable load devices
  Three stage setting, peak, semi-peak and off-peak, of TOU (Time of Use) rate is settable and includes rest days
 Suitable for single or dual circuits power system
  Demand quantity and loading status of each demand period is printed out by printer
  Simultaneous display for present demand, estimated demand, usable demand, power and maximum demand
 Analog data output for real power and these data can be showed by digital display or stored by recorder.  

 Loading management mechanism to avoid the over usage of demand contract

RS-485/Modbus communication protocol interface for data transmission










Display Range and Resolution






Function Display

Present demand, Estimated demand, Usable demand, Target demand, power, 2 groups of maximum demand record, remain time, TOU mode, control mode, current time, previous demand and load status

Watt-hour Input terminals

2 groups of Watt-hour pulse input (additive) and  pulse rate is settable (range 1~1000K Pulse/KWH)

Analog output terminals

DC 4~20mA output for power and maximum Span addition is settable

Communication output terminals

RS-485/Modbus protocol for present demand, power and loading status data transmission

Printer interface

Data of time, demand and loading status are printed out after ending of each demand period

Control Mode

Serial mode (priority mode) or cycle mode (average usage rate) is selectable and  delay time is settable to adjust the degree of control frequency

Peak/Off-peak setting

Target demand is settable for each TOU and   the rest days setting is up to  20 groups, peak/semi-peak/off-peak timing can also be set.

Synchronous Method

by setting the system time synchronic with KWH mete of power company

Relay connection capacity

5A / 250 VAC

Power Supply

90V~260VAC (frequency range 45~65HZ)

Power Consumption



Temp range 0~50, humidity range 0~90%

Power failure Memory

two months


278Wx 180Hx 104 ( Dmm

Panel opening

272 x 175 mm




























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