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APFR-6 work still has advantage avoiding being set up, besides and control the power factor effective.
Have complete error code of suggestion function as MSPFR series, except that further easy trouble shooting when installing.

















  • Avoid C / K value to set up, totally detects and examines automatically.
  • The function for phase sequence mistake display, convenient to obviate the fault, saves working man-hour.
  • The electric capacity discharges and protects function. Protect the electromagnetic switch and life-span of capacitors effectively.
  • Include the power factor (PF), and capacitors inserted section display.
  • The electric capacity discharges protects function, it is just more absorbed after the electric capacity discharges and finishes to guarantee.
  • Can choose manually / automatically for function operate.
  • Capacitive or inductive indicate.
  • The action principle of the capacitor adopts the circulation function of average rate of utilization, can lengthen the contact and life-span of capacitor.
  • Can cut capacitors connect automatically when power failure, Insert capacitors in order after power normally.
  • Size: High 144 x wide 144 x deep 105 mm.
  • Panel cutout: 138 x 138 mm.














Working power

110V, 220V, 380V, 440V ±15% (15VA MAX.) 50HZ / 60HZ

System fit

Single-phase, three-phase three-Line system, three-phase four-Line system

Input current

5A (CT ratio can be set up)

Output segment

6 segment most more

Output contact

AC220V / DC30V 5A mechanical life-span 20 million times

Delay times

1000 seconds, it is one second to set up the unit minimum


Enter with the Percentage of full load (KW) for being unable to act

(1% ~20% can be set)
































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